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The uncertain situation on the financial markets, the low interest rate environment and the demographic development in Switzerland mean that occupational pension plans are increasingly in the public eye.

Redistribution between active employees and pensioners, increased transparency, expansion of supervision, ongoing reduction of the conversion rate, reduced minimum interest rate, underfunding and restructuring measures are just some of the topics that are leading to debate.

Employers, HR managers and members of pension committees have a responsibility towards the insured and are confronted with increasingly complex issues.

We advise and support you in all areas of occupational pension provision. We support entrepreneurs in designing and choosing a modern pension solution. The goal is to set up a pension solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of the company and its employees. We are happy to support you with our broad expertise - where required, of course, also with proven pension fund experts - and our very comprehensive knowledge of the pension market.

Our BVG team is professionally supported by our PK expert, Dr. Jaap van Dam

Our solution approach is based on a five-stage model

All stakeholders are involved throughout the entire project phase and all expenses are reported transparently on a fee basis.


Review of the current situation and risk-adapted needs analysis

Step 1


Definition of milestones and design of a customized pension solution

Step 2


Employee survey taking into account the statutory right of participation of employees and employee representatives (Art. 11 para. 3ff BVG)

Step 3


Comprehensive tendering process with all relevant market participants with transparent evaluation

Step 4


The optimized finalization is initially introduced by an accompanying employee presentation

Step 5

Management pension plan according to 1e

In the case of pension solutions in accordance with 1e, the extra-mandatory part of the occupational benefit scheme is managed in a separate pension foundation. In such a management pension plan, persons with an insured salary of over CHF 132,300 can determine the investment strategy themselves. There is a maximum of ten strategies to choose from, ranging from a low-risk to a high-risk strategy. Insured persons can tailor the investment strategy to their risk capacity and investment horizon and participate fully in the investment performance. As the return on capital is credited directly to the insured persons, redistribution in the supplementary pension plan can be prevented. A redistribution of investment performance in favor of other insured persons is therefore ruled out. A modern management pension plan offers managers additional options for structuring their pension provision.

The costs can often be reduced in a pension solution in accordance with 1e, since the supplementary pension usually covers people who are statistically exposed to a lower risk of disability. For the employer, the management solution also eliminates the restructuring risk (in contrast to the basic pension plan), since no underfunding is possible. This means that companies that keep accounts in accordance with IFRS or US GAAP can define the management solutions as defined contribution pension solutions and therefore do not have to recognize pension obligations. Pension fund obligations can be reduced by introducing a 1e solution, which in turn relieves the balance sheet.