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Our broker mandate is the legal prerequisite for managing your insurance portfolio and is subject to the Swiss Code of Obligations in accordance with Art. 404, which sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. It is based on the applicable regulatory requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and can be terminated at any time and is not subject to any deadlines. 

ABES Group AG acts as the mandated agent and undertakes to represent your interests exclusively. Between ABES Group AG and the insurance companies involved,
pension funds and other contractual partners, there is no independent brokerage contract within the meaning of OR 412 ff. As a result, ABES Group AG undertakes to act exclusively as a broker.
Duty of loyalty to you.

All the details of this mandate are discussed and explained in a meeting with our mandate managers.

By filling in the input fields, our mandate will be sent to you directly and easily by e-mail as a pdf file.

The data is transferred using a 2048-bit SSL key and backed up daily. At the same time, the storage is mirrored daily. The data and encryption concept of ABES Group AG therefore meets the same requirements as those expected of major banks and naturally also fulfills FINMA-compliant geo-redundancy. The data that reaches us via this form is also always transmitted via an encrypted API delivery. Our data is stored exclusively in highly secure Tier IV data centers in Switzerland. 

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